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Contractors / Agents
How we help you:

  • Traditional or distressed properties
  • Short sale market approvals for realtors
  • Single-family residences, multi-family units, condos and townhouses
  • Our purchasing power ranges from a scale of $50,000 and up
  • Existing homes in various conditions such as rehabs or total demolitions

How it works

–Step 1–

Communicate your goals via phone or fill out our website questionnaires to initiate the process.

–Step 2–

A personalized estimate based on your information will be available within 3 days.

–Step 3–

Home closing date will be scheduled once a signed contract is submitted. All parties involved must agree to our price offer.

–Step 4–

Our office staff manages all closing details in approximately three weeks. You will be a full cash recipient upon completion of such transaction.

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