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Solar panel installations for residential and commercial properties in Morris County

Solar Energy Systems
Sustainable Home Improvement
Choosing Solar Programs

Team Contractors, LLC successfully adjusts the solar panels (modules) to meet the requirements of both residential and commercial buildings. Our Company welcomes multitude of diverse and challenging structures.

  • Blueprint We design customized solar energy systems that maximizes your space availability to provide optimal performance.
  • Installation Our team of experienced engineers and installers will install the solar energy system with minimal interruption to your business.
  • Monitoring User-friendly monitoring systems are employed to constantly monitor energy production, view data, and maintain service logs for the solar array.

The sustainable choice
The benefits of going solar with our team.

Our company carefully devises unique interconnecting networks of energy efficient solutions. Specialized designs take into account full integration of the given space. Thus, the highest levels of solar production are achieved. Government solar programs offer investors incentives for their wise decisions.

  • More profitable tax credits are currently available than in the past.
  • Period for up to 30% credit redemption is five years.
  • A 30% tax credit is ussed which investors can reclaim within five years.
  • Owners of solar power systems are guaranteed solar renewable energy certificates per 1000 kilowatts generated.
  • SRECs are transferable to utility companies that maintain a renewable energy account.
  • Presently, 1 SREC averages around $220.
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates are salable assets. A fixed price business agreement is drawn up between the solar energy owner and a utility company.
  • Invest today in this natural energy source to reap substantial benefits in the future.

Solar Tax Credits
Tax Credits on Solar Investments are better than ever before!

Federal Tax Credits

Solar investors are entitled to a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on the total project cost. The ITC is granted and can be used for the very first year the project is installed. If the investor cannot use all of the 30% ITC, the balance will roll over to the following year.

Accelerated Investment Depreciation Tax Credit

Under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), qualifying solar equipment will be eligible for a cost recovery period of five years. This accelerated model has proven to be a significant driver of private investment for the solar industry.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC)

For every 1000 Kwh generated through a solar energy system, a Solar Renewable Energy Certificate is awarded to the owner of the system. The SRECs can be traded to utilities that have a renewable energy profile. The current average rate of 1 SREC floats around $220. A solar array owner can also sign up for a fixed price contract with a utility for their SRECs to be sold.

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Investing in solar energy is better than ever before in New Jersey!
  New Jersey has always been a great geographical location for the sun’s energy to be utilized. With the incentives that the current market offers, getting solar arrays installed at your property is a no-brainer. If you are interested in getting solar energy at your facility, contact us today!